Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Electric Bike

A Leitner E-bike pictured in front a section of the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia.
E-biking by the Yarra River, Melbourne, Victoria

#1 Don’t arrive at work all sweaty. Let the e-bike take the strain.

#2 Save money. Driving your car less means less spending on fuel and car maintenance. Better still, if it allows you to sell a car, then you’ve just saved on tax and insurance too, plus the cash you got for the car.

#3 Help the environment. Less cars on the road means less pollution. And if you’re charging your battery from clean energy sources (e.g. your own solar panels) – even better!

#4 Enjoy the great outdoors. Less time panting and puffing, more time enjoying the scenery.

#5 Go riding with your family and friends who wouldn’t normally go biking. That’s right, lend them your e-bike! Now they can keep up with you on your non-electric bike. The other day I cycled 80km on a rail trail, with my 11 year old daughter riding my e-bike. Great memories, that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

#6 Explore more and further. The other day I explored my suburb far and wide, up and down streets I’d never normally travel.

#7 Get fit. You may not be burning as many calories as you would do on a non-electric bike over the same distance. But you’re probably going to be cycling more often, and longer distances.

#8 Climb hills with ease, laugh at head winds. Unless the hill is extremely steep, the chances are you’ll never have to get off and push again. Head wind? No problem!

#9 Have fun. E-bikes are genuinely a pleasure to ride.

#10 Fall (back) in love with your NON e-bike. This happened to me! After falling in love with e-biking, I fell back in love with cycling in general, so much so that I recently (Jan 2020) spoiled myself with the purchase of a new Giant mountain bike (MTB). It replaced my “old faithful” GT MTB, purchased way back in Florida in ’97. I’ve never cycled so much as I do now. Sweet!

A picture of my daughter next to my e-bike, mid-way on the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail.
Riding the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail with my 11 year old, there and back!

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